St. Katherines George Calombaris Restaurant, Kew, Vic.

Acoustic consultant: Praxis Acoustics

Acoustic treatment modelling study was carried out showing reverberation time and STI (Speech Transmision Index). This identified the extent of the noise issue.

It was chosen to treat two separate restaurant areas to reduce reverberation for speech intelligibility.
The ground floor had a white plaster finish QuietSCAPE Cloud acoustic panels fitted to the ceilings and a strip along one upper wall area.

The first floor dining area had a recessed area in between the bulkheads which were fitted with bespoke QuietSCAPE fabric acoustic panels.

With the proposed treatment the RT for the ground floor area went from 2.1 secs (untreated) to 0.72secs (treated).

The modelling showed that the ground floor room was highly reverberant and that speech would be difficult. The acoustic treatment proved to significantly reduce the reverberation and improve speech intelligibility. This results in improved physical and mental fatique which has a significant influence on patrons impression of enjoyment which ultimately contributes to the overall success of the establishment.

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