Quietstone Light

Quietstone boast a unique and versatile selection of sound absorbing products for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Quietstone Light : The most versatile acoustic panel on the market. Made from recycled glass these rigid panels are suitable for use interior and exterior settings.

Quietstone Light Shapes : Let your imagination loose and explore all the different options with colour and shapes possible to enhance your spaces.

Durable  |  Lightweight  |  Non-combustible  |  Chemically inert  |  Sustainable  |  Easily worked on site | Can be coloured

Applications :   Noise Barriers  |  Loading Bays  |  Outdoor Areas  |  Hotel Smoking Areas  |  Restaurants and Cafe’s | Schools | A/C & Heating Units


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Recent Projects:

Post Entry Quarantine Facility   |    Costco   |    QLD Education   |   NSW Transport    |   Peel Hotel   | Star of the Sea | Gold Coast University Hospital