Quietstone Light

Quietstone boast a unique and versatile selection of sound absorbing products for use in both indoor and outdoor applications.

Quietstone Light : The most versatile acoustic panel on the market. Made from recycled glass these rigid panels are suitable for use interior and exterior settings and are also used in our QuietCOAT seamless plaster system.

Quietstone Light Shapes : Let your imagination loose and explore all the different options with colour and shapes possible to enhance your spaces.

Durable  |  Lightweight  |  Non-combustible  |  Chemically inert  |  Sustainable  |  Easily worked on site | Can be coloured

Applications :   Tunnel Lining  |  Noise Barriers  |  Loading Bays  |  Outdoor Areas  |  Hotel Smoking Areas  |  Restaurants and Cafe’s | Schools | A/C & Heating Units


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Recent Projects:

Post Entry Quarantine Facility   |    Costco   |    QLD Education   |   NSW Transport    |   Peel Hotel   | Star of the Sea | Gold Coast University Hospital