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Noise Assessment: WSP Acoustics

Noise limits imposed in line with ‘The State Environment Protection Policy’.  Noise mitigation in and around a loading bay in close proximity to a residential area.

An acoustic noise survey was carried out to establish the levels throughout different periods during the day and night.  The main source of noise is associated with deliveries where trucks are entering, manoeuvring and leaving the service yard.

To mitigate the delivery noise it was recommended to have an acoustic barrier that achieves at least 5db of acoustic attenuation surrounding the delivery yard.

By treating the two external walls of the loading bay with Quietstone Light it reduced the noise level at the closest residence by 5db and below which was well within the specification.
The loading bay is now compliant and meeting the required noise emission levels.

Quietstone Light is the perfect outdoor noise reduction panel solution

Durable  |  Lightweight  |  Non-combustible  |  Chemically inert  |  Sustainable  |  Easily worked on site

Applications :   Tunnel Lining  |  Noise Barriers  |  Loading Bays  |  Outdoor Areas  |  Hotel Smoking Areas  |  A/C & Heating Units

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