Peel Hotel, Noise Reduction Panels

The Peel Hotels outdoor smoking area created a lot of loud noise which caused locals to complain.

The council carried out noise level tests and determined the music and crowd noise exceeded the allowed levels

Quietstone Light  noise reduction panels were recommended to be installed to bring the  levels to an acceptable volume.  The acoustic panels were fixed to a galvanised grid system on an exposed wall reducing reflections of sound into neighbouring appartments.

Quietstone Light is the perfect outdoor noise reduction panel solution

Durable  |  Lightweight  |  Non-combustible  |  Chemically inert  |  Sustainable  |  Easily worked on site

Applications :   Tunnel Lining  |  Noise Barriers  |  Loading Bays  |  Outdoor Areas  |  Hotel Smoking Areas  |  A/C & Heating Units

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