Noise and vibration damper mitigation to suit rail transportation
QuietRAIL Damper is next generation railway vibration control. Product greatly reduces noise producing vibrations.

QuietRAIL offers the most cost efficient way to control railway noise and vibration. It is simple and quick to install, unobtrusive and proven to be extremely effective.

Next Generation of Railway Vibration Control. 

Very little material needed to achieve a dramatic reduction in resonant vibration
Cost effective – far cheaper than installing barriers
Extremely easy and fast to install – mechanised
Non toxic
Does not affect ballast realignment
Can be retrofitted

Underground stations to reduce train noise buildup and improve speech intelligibility
Near noise sensitive areas such as residential areas, public spaces and schools
Tunnels where noise levels can lead to difficulties when workers need to operate

Noise sources
Wheel and rail connection produces vibration
This sets the rail track and sleepers into vibration
Vibration in turn causes all connecting areas to radiate sound energy
Various factors affect the level and frequency content of noise including rail roughness, length of track, speed of train and the curvature of the track

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